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Sprintcheckout – Accept crypto payments bankless, fast and cheap

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Sprintcheckout – Accept crypto payments bankless, fast and cheap


Accept crypto payments on WooCommerce with ease at scale, thanks to the first Ethereum payment gateway focused on Rollups and Account Abstraction.


Available on every Ethereum Rollup and more:

zkSync Era
Polygon zkEVM
Available on others upon request, contact us at support@sprintcheckout.com


We support every major stablecoin:

More can be added upon request, contact us at support@sprintcheckout.com

Checkout experience

Your customers will be redirected to the app.sprintcheckout.com hosted payment page.
Users can connect any wallet.
They can pay in one of the supported tokens, and the amount is automatically converted from your store’s fiat currency to the token.
Once paid, the order is sent to your WooCommerce back office, so you can deliver it to your customer.

Pricing and gas

Sprintcheckout is totally free to install and use.
Sprintcheckout only charges a small service fee of 0.9% of the transaction amount.
The gas is paid by the user. Since we support rollups, the gas fees are minimal compared to Ethereum.
Within the coming months, Sprintcheckout will release Account Abstraction features that will enable gasless transactions.


Sprintcheckout aims to provide bankless, fast, and cheap decentralized payment solutions for the next generations. Ethereum will evolve into the global settlement layer, while Rollups will serve as the scaling solution. Account Abstraction will enable the usability needed for mainstream adoption.


You can test this plugin on the testnet, available on every supported network. Try it now!

Try it now

The following store has installed the Sprintcheckout plugin. Try it when you checkout on Gripmonkeys.co.uk.

Key Features & Highlights

Set it up in seconds, no KYC required.
Transaction fees are 10x cheaper than mainnet thanks to the Rollup scaling solution.
Customers can pay with the major stablecoins in the market using their preferred wallet.
The plugin is totally free. No monthly or annual fees.

What are Rollups

Rollups are a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. They allow for faster and cheaper transactions by executing them off-chain and then submitting the results to the Ethereum mainnet.

What is Account Abstraction

Account abstraction (AA) is a promising technology that has the potential to make blockchain applications more secure, user-friendly, and flexible.
Gasless transactions are made possible by account abstraction. With gasless transactions, the user does not need to provide any ETH to pay for gas. Instead, the gas is paid for by Sprintcheckout.

Supported Wallets

Customers can pay orders with Metamask extension, Coinbase, Formatic, Trust, Portis and the 102 WalletConnect supported wallets (including Argent, Huobi wallet, Metamask mobile,…).

Feedback and questions

We are on a mission to deliver the next generation of payments: bankless, cheap and fast.
Please write to us with any feedback and questions: support@sprintcheckout.com
Follow us on Twitter: @sprintcheckout


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  • Sprintcheckout woocommerce backoffice
  • Sprintcheckout dashboard Set up page
  • Sprintcheckout dashboard Get paid page
  • Sprintcheckout dashboard Fullfill page


Download and activate the plugin on your WordPress Admin interface.
Add the API key generated on your Sprintcheckout Dashboard account under the “Get Paid” section in Woocommerce > Settings > Payments > Sprintcheckout configuration.
Connect your store on the Sprintcheckout Dashboard account under the “Fulfill” section.
Go to your store checkout page and test it. Enable the testnet of your choice on the Sprintcheckout Dashboard under the “Set up” section.1. Activate plugin
2. Visit Admin > Woocommerce > Settings > Sprintcheckout
3. Enable plugin
4. Paste the API key you can find on the dashboard.sprintcheckout.com > Get paid
5. Connect your woocommerce site on dashboard.sprintcheckout.com > Fullfill
DONE!! Start accepting crypto payments.

Note: select testent netwroks on dashboard.sprintcheckout.com > Set up to do an end to end test.


November 23, 2021
I was looking into accepting new payment methods for my shop and I really like cryptos, so I found this plugin and I am very happy with it! Sprintcheckout is very easy to use and the support team is very reactive.
November 17, 2021
I haven’t found а better plugin for accepting Crypto payments and I am very happy with having it on my website. At first there is a bit of learning how Crypto and payments work but the developers are very kind willing to help when I asked them question getting back straight away.
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