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Live Carts for WooCommerce: Track Real-Time, Abandoned, and Converted Carts!

Live Carts for WooCommerce: Track Real-Time, Abandoned, and Converted Carts!


This plugins adds a “Live Carts” item to the WooCommerce menu in the WordPress admin, which provides a listing of customer shopping carts including statuses (active, abandoned, or converted) and values. Clicking a cart ID provides more details including listing the products in the cart.

Optionally, the plugin can display a cart ID on the frontend, visible to the customer. The admin interface supports searching for carts based on this ID. This allows store support to look up a customer cart if the customer provides their cart ID.

The plugin also calculates some basic cart statistics at Analytics > Carts, with date filtering based on the cart creation date.


  • List real-time and past carts
  • Filter cart list by status (Active/Converted/Abandoned)
  • See the name of the logged-in user (if any) associated with each cart
  • See the most recent URL that each cart was loaded on
  • View a list of products in the cart and the total cart value, along with the coupon code that has been added to the cart, if any
  • Search for carts by unique cart ID
  • Optionally display the cart ID on the frontend to easily match to a cart record in the backend
  • Optionally disable collection of IP addresses and/or last visited URLs in this plugin’s cart database
  • Automatically archive older cart records
  • Get cart conversion rate, cart abandonment rate, and average cart value metrics for a specified period of time (under Analytics > Carts)
  • Cart data collected by this plugin is stored in custom database tables to avoid cluttering default WordPress tables
  • Built-in extensibility via filter and action hooks


  • Improve compatibility with woocommerce-paypal-payments plugin


  • Fix PHP warnings when no cart exists
  • Database query improvement


  • Add hooks to improve extensibility


  • Fix fatal error after upgrade from version 1.0.5


  • Add separate plugin settings page
  • Add option not to save site visitor IP addresses
  • Add feature to record the last frontend URL that the cart was seen on (can be disabled in plugin settings)
  • Add tracking of coupons in carts
  • Add color indicators to cart status column for quick status recognition
  • Add WooCommerce as plugin dependency


  • Add additional permissions checks for admin functionality


  • Fix: The admin stylesheet was not being loaded
  • Change cart IDs to be random instead of sequential
  • Display the cart ID in the cart details admin page
  • Add option to display the cart ID in the frontend (to make it easier to identify a specific customer cart in the backend)


  • Fix: The cart value wasn’t displaying in the carts list
  • Fix: Missing escaping on cart view page
  • Add a User column to the carts list
  • Hide the cart contents table on the cart view page when there are no contents to show


  • Fix: Various Exceptions may not have been caught successfully
  • Add debug mode (enable under WooCommerce > Live Carts; the log is saved in this plugin’s directory)
  • Add additional Exception and Error handling for 3 critical WooCommerce hooks


  • Add Analytics functionality
  • Miscellaneous improvement(s)


  • Initial release


This plugin can be installed under Plugins > Add New Plugin, either by searching for the plugin title or by downloading the plugin zip file and uploading it via the Upload Plugin feature.


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