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KB Support – WordPress Help Desk and Knowledge Base

KB Support – WordPress Help Desk and Knowledge Base


KB Support is the ultimate WordPress plugin for providing support and help desk services to your customers.

Enriched with features, you can be sure that right from activation, KB Support will provide the perfect Help Desk solution for your agents to support your customers.

The built-in Knowledgebase allows customers to find solutions to their issues during the ticket submission process, reducing the overall number of support queries received by your help desk.

Key FREE Features of KB Support include:

  • Easily manage and customize submission forms. No coding required, multiple forms can be created and utilized
  • Guest submission is fully supported. Customers do not need an account to create or manage support tickets
  • Sequential ticket numbers
  • Email notifications keep customers, admins and support agents up to date with recent ticket events
  • Restricted access ensures that only agents and the assigned customer are able to view tickets and correspondence
  • Unlimited ticket participants to ensure that all relevant parties can contribute towards a ticket on behalf of a customer
  • A fully responsive and clean front end design where customers can manage their tickets, including viewing and creating replies
  • Integrated Knowledge Base articles can be easily created and referenced to try and offer solutions without tickets being created
  • Ability to restrict access to individual knowledge base articles to logged in users only
  • Auto assign new tickets to agents based on current ticket count, or randomly
  • Tracks an agents status so you can see if they are online or offline
  • Ability to assign tickets to multiple agents
  • Add agents to departments and have assign to departments
  • A number of useful shortcodes to display submission forms, KB Article lists, ticket history, login/registration forms, profile editor, KB Article search form – and more
  • Numerous template tags enable you to easily add ticket related content into email notifications
  • Private ticket notes that are visible to agents only
  • Restrict which tickets an agent can view. i.e. Just those to which they are assigned
  • Group customers within a company
  • Customers can access tickets created by other members of their company
  • Uses templates that allow for easy customization of front end pages, shortcodes and CSS styles
  • Ajax based ticket submissions provide a powerful, reliable and friendly interface for customers
  • Built in SPAM protection
  • Customer portal enabling access to existing and historic tickets
  • Truly versatile – A bunch of hooks and filters for our developer friends
  • A growing number of extensions to provide even more functionality and customization options

More information can be found at https://kb-support.com/.

Further enhance the features and functionality of KB Support with paid extensions such as:

  • Email Support – Management of tickets via email for agents and customers. Automation via email for agents.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Integration – Integrate KB Support with your Easy Digital Downloads store providing a seamless support solution
  • WooCommerce Integration – Integrate KB Support with your WooCommerce store providing a seamless support solution
  • Zapier – Connect with thousands of 3rd party applications via zapier.com and fully automate your workflows
  • Knowledge Base Integrations – Fully integrate KB Support into your existing knowledge base solution
  • Ratings & Satisfaction – Enables customers and visitors to provide feedback on their support experience as well as the quality of your KB articles
  • Reply Approvals – Adds an approval process to ticket replies created by selected agents forcing a four-eyed approach to ticket replies
  • Canned Replies – Instantly reply to tickets with a single click using pre-defined replies to questions you receive the most
  • Custom Ticket Status – Define your own ticket statuses and enable email notifications when a ticket enters the status
  • Email Signatures – Enables support workers to register a custom signature which can be auto inserted into email notifications sent to customers
  • MailChimp Integration – Grow your subscriptions by enabling quick and seamless customer sign-ups to your MailChimp newsletter lists via KB Support

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  • The interface for managing a ticket Submission Form. Create as many forms as you need, choose from a number of fields and add to your web page with a simple shortcode

  • What the default submission form might look like on your website when your customers log a support ticket. Theme in image is Twenty Seventeen

  • Suggested KB Article to resolve a ticket that a customer is in the process of submitted

  • The ticket overview screen a customer see’s once their submission is completed

  • The edit ticket screen as seen by an agent

  • When a customer is accessing a KB Article that is restricted


This plugin provides 6 blocks.

  • KBS Profile Editor
  • KBS Tickets
  • KBS Register
  • KBS Submit
  • KBS Login
  • KBS Search


Automated Installation

  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Go to Tickets > Settings and configure the options
  3. Insert form shortcode into the ticket submission page
  4. For detailed setup instructions, vist the official Documentation

Manual Installation

Once you have downloaded the plugin zip file, follow these simple instructions to get going;

  1. Login to your WordPress administration screen and select the “Plugins” -> “Add New” from the menu
  2. Select “Upload Plugin” from the top of the main page
  3. Click “Choose File” and select the kb-support.zip file you downloaded
  4. Click “Install Now”
  5. Once installation has finished, select “Activate Plugin”


Where can I find documentation?

Searchable docs can be found at https://kb-support.com

How do I Add a Submission Form?

Create your submission form within Tickets > Submission Forms, and copy the shortcode to any page. i.e. [kbs_submit form=”1277″].

A default form with the most popular fields is added during installation. Customize this form to meet your needs, or create new forms as required.

How can a Customer view their Ticket History?

Place the [kbs_tickets] shortcode on any page.

Is there a Pro version with additional features?

Extensions are available at https://kb-support.com/extensions/ to further enhance KB Support features and functionality. New extensions are being added regularly. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about new releases and to receive a 15% discount off of your first purchase!


September 28, 2023
Has everything I need in a helpdesk. The KB articles are a little basic in terms of layouts but they do the job
August 22, 2023 1 reply
Very well thought out and easy to use. Haven’t had a single tech issue with it, and I love how flexible it is. Great work!
May 27, 2021 2 replies
Plugin good at first glance. The main problem I have is that it isn’t perfect for membership site, hopefully they can fix this. If a WP user creates a support ticket, but enters a different email address than the one on their account, KB-Support doesn’t link this “KB-Support customer” to WP user, instead creates a new “customer” in KB Support. This makes for a lot of extra work trying to find the actual WP user (when trying to change their details, or fix account problems, etc), especially a problem for me running a membership website. I have tried deleting the duplicate KB-Support customer, changing the email address of the other KB-Support customer to the new one (matching the WP user email address), and it still doesn’t link to the WP user.
February 3, 2021 1 reply
We’ve set up a new plugin for the events sector and use KB Support for our Articles and ticket logging system. Such an easy plugin to use.
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Contributors & Developers

“KB Support – WordPress Help Desk and Knowledge Base” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“KB Support – WordPress Help Desk and Knowledge Base” has been translated into 4 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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1.6.2 – 29.05.2024

Fixed: Tickets getting stuck in draft status

1.6.1 – 19.04.2024

Fixed: Correct capablity check on notes and tickets.
Fixed: Hard coded open and close status.

1.6.0 – 13.01.2024

Added: Search Block.
Added: Login Block.
Added: Tickets Block.
Updated: Build tools.
Fixed: KB Support summary not loading.
Fixed: jQuery not defined.
Fixed: Access level to tickets and notes.
Fixed: Broken conditional message output.

1.5.92 – 13.01.2024

Added: Search Block.
Added: Login Block.
Added: Tickets Block.
Updated: Build tools.
Fixed: KB Support summary not loading.
Fixed: jQuery not defined.
Fixed: Access level to tickets and notes.
Fixed: Broken conditional message output.

1.5.91 – 03.10.2023

Updated: Removed social media follow button from welcome screen.

1.5.90 – 19.09.2023

Fixed: Required file input validation error ( #269 )
Changed: Admin scripts only load on KBS related admin pages. ( #268 )
Fixed: Tickets menu entry showing for users without tickets access. ( #265 )
Fixed: Customers should not be able to drag&drop images in the ticket description editor. ( #270 )
Fixed: ID prefix won’t change ( #276 )
Added: Upgrade to PRO action link in the plugins ( #211 )
Added: LITE vs PRO page ( #210 )

1.5.89 – 12.07.2023

Fixed: Escaping issue in customer account ( #262 )
Fixed: Filtered attachments were not being applied ( Thanks to @BrianHenryIE )
Fixed: Security issue

1.5.88 – 06.03.2023

Fixed: Tools tab not working when Ticketing system is enabled. ( #258 )
Fixed: Search by ticket ID (#) ( #216 )
Fixed: Submission form checkbox list array to string conversion ( #220 )
Fixed: Added a soft flush_rewrite_rules to prevent articles/tickets leading to 404 pages when activated. ( #228 )
Fixed: Privacy policy checkbox was not showing if the label was empty. ( #233 )
Fixed: Unknown $post_status in ticket status function. ( #260 )
Fixed: Email error ( #199 )

1.5.87 – 23.02.2023

Fixed: Reverted inline css strip and added a strict number of allowerd HTML tags for ticket content. ( #255 )

1.5.86 – 20.02.2023

Fixed: Wrong escaping on log a support tichet page ( #256 )
Fixed: Stripped inline css for ticket content which may cause undesired outcome in admin ( #255 )
Changed: Made file_upload custom submission field more intuitive regarding file upload limit setting ( #235 )

1.5.85 – 13.02.2023

Changed: Improved date readability. ( #245 )
Fixed: Fatal error caused by bad ES translation. ( #250 )
Fixed: Wrong escaping in articles list ( #243 )
Added: Option to disable Tickets and KB Articles. ( #252 )
Fixed: Form submission security failed ( #246 )

1.5.84 – 12.12.2022

Added: Admin navigation tabs for kbs_ticket post type. ( #208 )
Added: Branding bar. ( #207 )
Fixed: Ticket filtering in admin Tickets table list ( #190 )
Fixed: Translations ( #151 )
Changed: Ticket date received/updated display ( #163 )
Changed: KB Articles now working with Gutenberg ( #240 )

1.5.83 – 23.11.2022

Fixed: PHP 8 warnings
Fixed: Missing arguments on wp_kses_post
Fixed: Ticket categories warnings

1.5.82 – 22.09.2022

Fixed: Sanitization of submission data and email content were wrongly escaped

1.5.81 – 15.09.2022

Fixed: Sanitization of search title being wrongly escaped

1.5.8 – 17.06.2022

Fixed: Not registering what page to be redirected ( https://github.com/WPChill/kb-support/issues/223 )

1.5.7 – 31.05.2022

Fixed: Placeholders missing from text fields ( https://github.com/WPChill/kb-support/issues/222 )

1.5.6 – 23.05.2022

Fixed: Security, sanitizations and escaping
Changed: Removed bootstrap file calling from cdn and included the files in the plugin.
Changed: Replaced file_get_contents call on remote files with WordPress’s http-api.

1.5.5 – 18.03.2021

Changed: Remove license functionality

1.5.4 – 01.03.2021

Fixed: FontAwesome style and scripts
Fixed: compatibility with Zapier – https://github.com/WPChill/kb-support/issues/150


2nd February 2021

  • New: Added option to flag tickets for attention. Flagged tickets are highlighted by a flag icon on the tickets list screen
  • New: Added option within agent user profiles allowing selection of where replies are loaded on ticket screen. Before or after reply field
  • Bug: Fixed issue whereby emails generated for agent assignment notification may not correctly replace email tags with customer information
  • Bug: Fixed PHP warning generated by submission forms contextual help screen


26th January 2021

  • New: Added an option within Tickets -> Settings -> Tickets -> Submission Settings to automatically create WP user accounts for new customers
  • New: Added support for Google reCAPTCHA version 3
  • New: Added agent filter to ticket list
  • Fix: Saving a page with the [kbs_submit] shortcode returned a JSON error within the block editor
  • Tweak: Adjusted how notices generated by the kbs_user_cannot_submit filter are displayed
  • Tweak: Remove custom field metaboxes where they’re not needed
  • Tweak: Switch to class when registering custom meta fields
  • Tweak: Use custom helper function to retrieve post status label
  • Tweak: Added a default class to all setting options
  • Tweak: Ensure article pages are returned as true in kbs_is_admin_page()


15th January 2021

  • New: Enable reCAPTCHA field for [kbs_register] registration form. Enable within Misc settings
  • New: Added the /kbs/v1/forms/ REST route. More info.
  • New: Added the /kbs/v1/forms/fields REST route. More info.
  • Tweak: Added the kbs_ticket_form_submitted action
  • Tweak: Corrected discount amount within promo sidebar on settings pages


12th January 2021

  • New: The KB Support REST API is here! Interact with the REST API to interact with tickets, replies, customers, companies, agents, articles, ticket categories and departments. More info
  • New: Zapier extension released. Integrate KB Support with over 1,000 web based applications and services via Zapier.com
  • Tweak: wpmu_new_blog is deprecated. Now using wp_insert_site to run KBS install procedures when a new MU site is created and KBS is network activated
  • Tweak: Added additional filters to the settings API
  • Tweak: Spelling correction on upsell notice


16th December 2020

  • Bug: Back to Tickets link did not work after updating a ticket
  • Bug: Make sure we’re only filtering upload_dir if absolutely necessary
  • Tweak: Added KBS_Display_Settings class
  • Tweak: Enabled promotional sidebar on settings screen
  • Tweak: Removed extensions page
  • Tweak: Added campaign query args to some URLs
  • Tweak: Incremented WordPress tested up to version


16th November 2020

  • Bug: Submission form radio values were not being registered correctly


5th November 2020

  • Tweak: Improved styling on licensing page
  • Tweak: Improved styling on extensions page
  • Tweak: Incremented WordPress tested up to version


18th September 2020

  • Bug: Reverting release 1.4.4 which may have prevented the login form from being displayed on the ticket submission page


30th May 2020

  • Bug: Error may be presented when trying to save a page being edited with the block editor if it contains the [kbs_submit] shortcode


5th May 2020

  • Tweak: Added additional filtering during new ticket creation
  • Tweak: Consolidation of some CSS rules
  • Tweak: Allow extensions to parse JS parameters


7th April 2020

  • Bug: Admin bar ticket count was not being displayed for non-agents. PHP warning may have been displayed
  • Bug: Agent ticket count may display incorrect value for non support managers and admins
  • Tweak: Only show the ticket Reply Status filters dropdown if there are tickets awaiting customer/agent replies
  • Tweak: When either the View participants or View submission data action links are clicked, auto scroll to the respective element
  • Tweak: Only display the Send Closure Email option on the edit ticket screen
  • Tweak: Force the Closed status link to display last in the ticket status views
  • Tweak: Adjusted class name for input labels within admin ticket screen


1st April 2020

  • Bug: Ticket status may default to unexpected status when creating a new ticket within admin

  • Tweak: Ticket statuses are now always in alphabetical order with the exception of Open & Closed which will display first and last respectively

  • Tweak: Added post status colours to the status view links on the tickets edit screen
  • Tweak: Also allow setting of status colour for tickets in the New status
  • Tweak: Make sure the Open link is always first and the Closed link is always last on the edit tickets page
  • Tweak: Added counts to reply filter dropdown on edit screen
  • Tweak: If you are not hiding closed tickets, the ‘All’ view link now displays ‘All Tickets’


31st March 2020

Note: The view-ticket.php, ticket-history.php and shortcode-profile-editor.php template files have been updated. Please review changes if you have copied these files to your child theme and made customisations

  • New: Agents can now update the ticket status during reply. Enable via Tickets -> Settings -> Tickets -> Reply Settings -> Agents Set Reply Status?
  • New: Select the default status a ticket should be set to when an agent replies. Tickets -> Settings -> Tickets -> Reply Settings -> Agent Reply Status
  • New: Ticket status colour indicators are now displayed on the admin screen and the customer front end ticket manager page
  • New: The admin tickets list now displays who the last reply was from for each ticket
  • New: Added reply status filter so agents can filter tickets by those awaiting agent or customer replies
  • New: Added open ticket count to menu bar. Show Count on Menu Bar? must be enabled. Tickets -> Settings -> Tickets -> Show Count on Menu Bar?
  • New: Customers can now choose how many Tickets per Page to load on the ticket manager screen by editing their profile and setting the Tickets per Page option
  • New: Agents and customers can now select default ticket order by and order options within their profiles

  • Tweak: Remove the Manage Ticket quick edit link from admin tickets list

  • Tweak: Changed menu icon
  • Tweak: Updated contextual help with new and missing items
  • Tweak: Use new apply_shortcodes() function in preference of do_shortcode() per WordPress 5.4 guidelines

  • Bug: Corrected pagination links on customer ticket manager page

  • Bug: Corrected Show Reply/Hide Reply link for auto expanded replies on admin screen


4th March 2020

  • Bug: PHP warning generated during customer ticket submission
  • Tweak: Do not CC company contact if email matches that of of customer submitting ticket


12th February 2020

  • New: Enabled support for the 3rd party forms. Ninja Forms extension coming soon!
  • Bug: User profile updates fail if email address upper/lower casing do not match


7th February 2020

Note: The view-ticket.php template file has been updated. Please review changes if you have copied this file to your child theme and made customisations
* New: Admins can now set the Default Replies to Expand option to determine how many replies should auto expand on the view ticket screen for customers by default
* New: Customers can choose the number of replies to auto expand on the view ticket screen by changing the Replies to Expand option within their user profile
* New: Agents can choose the number of replies to auto expand on the ticket admin screen by changing the Replies to Expand option within their user profile
* New: Agents can now enable/disable the alert that is displayed if a reply is added whilst they are editing a ticket. The Ticket Reply Alerts option resides within each agents user profile and is disabled by default
* New: You can now choose to have agent article visits increment the article count via the Count Agent Views? setting option. Disabled by default
* New: You can now add a blank entry to any dropdown field within your submission form by enabling the Blank First option

  • Tweak: Added monthly view count to article list screen

  • Bug: The {agent} template tag may cause ticket notification emails to fail if no agent is assigned to the ticket


Friday, 17th January 2020

  • New: KB Articles now count monthly views
  • New: Display the total and monthly views for KB Articles within the KB Support dashboard widget
  • New: Added Show Views on Dashboard option to toggle the display of article view counts within the KB Support dashboard widget

  • Tweak: Removed excess whitespace from article links within KB Support dashboard widget


Thursday, 9th January 2020

Happy New Year!

  • Bug: If only logged in users are allowed to submit tickets, account registration process may fail on submission screen


Wednesday, 30th October 2019

  • New: New Reply Settings section added to Tickets settings tab
  • New: Choose which status a ticket should transition to when a customer reply is received

  • Bug: Article live search was not supporting foregin characters

  • Bug: Remove PHP notice when DIVI theme in use
  • Bug: New installations should not prompt for an upgrade


Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

IMPORTANT: This release adjusts the rules dictating which tickets an agent can view. Please read this article for more details.

  • New: We’ve improved the way KBS utilises departments to support our new Advanced Ticket Assignment extension
  • New: You can now add a new customer when opening a new ticket within admin

  • Tweak: Cleanup when a department is deleted

  • Tweak: Added the department name to the agent column if a ticket is assigned to a department
  • Tweak: Added the kbs_company_metaboxes_after_contact_details hook
  • Tweak: Added the kbs_pre_save_ticket hook


Tuesday, 15th October 2019

  • New: Display URL from which ticket was submitted within submission data window
  • Bug: Unable to deselect Agree to Privacy Policy checkbox


Friday, 11th October 2019

  • The Ticket Source taxonomy has been added
  • Ensure all ticket media files are stored within the kbs folder
  • Upgrade procedures have been improved
  • Corrected spelling of “Log in”
  • Only enqueue KBS admin styles on KBS admin pages
  • Mapping field option was missing from form when Department field was selected
  • New ticket replies were not loaded if no existing replies existed


Thursday, 7th February 2019


  • Added No Notification Emails setting option to the Ticket Logged setting screen within the emails setting tab. Addresses entered here will not receive acknowledgement of ticket receipt via email
  • New replies are now monitored in real-time whilst editing a ticket. If a reply is added whilst an agent is on the edit screen, a notice is displayed where the agent can choose to reload the replies to include the latest
  • Ticket admin post screen columns now display well for smaller screens


  • Switched the title and dates columns position for easier identification on mobile devices
  • Made company URL clickable on company listing screen
  • Removed the slug metabox from the ticket post screen
  • Added IP address in use during ticket form submission to the submission data on the edit ticket page


  • Added kbs_ticket_received_to_email, kbs_ticket_reply_to_email and kbs_ticket_closed_to_email filters to enable filtering of the To address for respective customer emails


Saturday, 26th January 2019


  • Only query bootstrap JS functions when bootstrap is loaded. Caused loss of JS functionality
  • PHP warning may have been generated whilst querying whether kbs_submit shortcode was in use


Friday, 25th January 2019

Note the following template files have been updated;

  • view-ticket.php
  • ticket-manager.php
  • shortcode-login.php
  • shortcode-register.php
  • shortcode-profile-editor.php
  • kbs.css
  • kbs.min.css


  • Updated front end ticket manager templates to make them more responsive to mobile devices
  • Updated front end login, register and profile templates to standardise layout
  • Agents can now delete replies that they have authored. Support Managers can delete all agent replies
  • Customers IP address is now displayed within the form data section on the ticket page within admin
  • Added the {ticket_url_path}, {ticket_admin_url_path}, {close_ticket_url_path} template tags
  • Added Customer Settings setting option within General settings tab
  • Added options to customize registration form fields
  • Added option to choose username format for customers registering via the KBS registration form
  • Added option to set the default number of replies to load for a customer on the front ticket page
  • Added profile option for registered customers to choose how many replies to load on the front ticket page
  • Added option to hide closed tickets on the Ticket Manager page for customers
  • Added user profile option for registered customers to choose whether or not they want closed tickets displayed on the Ticket Manager page


  • Removed SSL notice on submission page
  • Added link to a customers WP user profile on the ticket page if they are registered


  • Added the form ID and the ticket object vars to the kbs_show_form_data filter
  • Added a number of hooks to the Customer Section meta box on the ticket page


Friday, 3rd August 2018

New: Added open ticket count menu bubble. Activate within settings. Tickets -> Settings -> Tickets

Bug: Removed incorrect Ajax trigger when adding participants which generated a Javascript error
Bug: Corrected spelling of Agreeements. Thanks to @garrett-eclipse
Bug: Corrected width of the system info textarea input

Tweak: Supported up to WordPress 4.9.8

Dev: Added the KBS_Agent class
Dev: Added hooks before and after agent ticket assignment
Dev: The KBS_Tickets_Query class now accepts the ‘agent’ argument to retrieve tickets by agent ID


Friday, 6th July 2018

New: Improved metabox display for tickets
New: Introduced the participants feature. A ticket can have multiple participants all of whom can access and manage the ticket. Learn more
New: Added the {reply_author} email template tag. This tag will output the name of the author to the last reply if it is saved in the database, or their email address
New: Added trash/permanently delete ticket option to ticket screen
New: Added customer data to ticket screen
New: Added customer last agreed to terms date to customer notes screen
New: Added customer last agreed to privacy policy date to customer notes screen
New: Added open ticket count to KBS Summary widget on the admin dashboard screen

Tweak: Fallback to company logo (if one exists) as avatar image if customer does not have an avatar

Fix: Corrected output for privacy policy acceptance

Dev: We’ve switched to array based email headers
Dev: Allow exclusion by ID when retrieving customers from the DB


Thursday, 21st June 2018

New: Added the {ticket_status} email content tag

Fix: If admins are not set as agents, Support Workers could not view all tickets
Fix: Front end ticket manager was not using translated text for ticket status
Fix: Custom input class was not being applied correctly to textarea fields on the submission form

Tweak: No need to wrap hidden fields in <p> tags
Tweak: Removed the Mine view within the trashed tickets list
Tweak: Make sure settings sections array is countable before counting as PHP 7 and above generates a warning

Dev: Added filters to overide when the Link KB Article button should be displayed allowing extensions to display the button


Wednesday, 30th May 2018

GDPR Features

New: Added GDPR Privacy Policy template
New: Added Compliance tab within Settings page
New: Agree to Privacy Policy setting forces customers to agree to the Privacy Policy before submitting ticket forms
New: Export KBS Customer data with WP user data when exporting personal data
New: Erase KBS Customer data with WP user data when erasing personal data
New: Select process for handling customer data when customers request to be anonymized or erased from your site

Other Changes in this Version

New: Added the ticket title column to the ticket history front end page
New: Search extisting tickets by post ID or ticket number. Prefix the search string with # to conduct this search
New: Add a description to the Terms and Privacy Policy acceptance fields via Tickets -> Settings -> Compliance
Tweak: Moved Terms & Conditions options to the Settings -> Compliance tab
Tweak: Adjusted the default chosen select search text to Type to Search and Choose an Option
Tweak: Improved the installation procedures for multi site
Tweak: Improved the uninstall procedures for multi site
Tweak: Removed unneeded filter during enqueuing of Font Awesome script
Tweak: Added advisory notice for discount of first extension
Tweak: Localization work
Bug: Count error on system tools page resolved


** Wednesday, 4th April 2018**

Bug: Fixed URL on welcome screen
Tweak: Updated extensions image on welcome screen
Tweak: Added KBS_Admin_Notices class for better admin notice management
Tweak: Request WordPress.org rating after 25 ticket closures
Tweak: Bump WordPress tested with version to 4.9.5
Dev: Added kbs_use_sequential_ticket_numbers() – returns whether or not sequential ticket numbers are in use
Tweak: Updated plugin tags and description


Wednesday, 28th March 2018


Better Company Integration

  • Improved Company interface allows selection of customer as primary contact
  • Added Copy Company Contact? setting within Tickets -> Settings -> Emails to copy company primary contacts into all customer ticket emails associated with the company
  • Customers belonging to a company, can access all tickets already associated with that company. Customer who logged ticket must have already been associated with the company at the time of logging


Agents can now be added to departments via the Departments menu option or their user profile. Departments can only be managed by Support Manager and above roles.

Within core, tickets may only be assigned to departments via front end submission forms. Look out for our advanced assignment extension coming soon for additional options.

  • Department dropdown field type added to submission form field types
  • Department mapping added to submission forms
  • Added the {department} email template tag which returns the name of the department handling the ticket
  • Filter ticket list by department


  • Article search field on submission form now includes a delay before searching
  • Added Initial Value option for the Submission Form hidden field type
  • Agents can limit the number of replies initially loaded on the tickets screen via their user profile
  • Agents can choose where to be redirected to when replying to tickets via their user profile
  • Added reply count stats to admin dashboard
  • For new tickets created via a submission form where terms and conditions were accepted, display the date and time the terms were accepted within the ticket form data thickbox


  • Better validation of whether or not the submission page is displayed improves enqueuing of scripts
  • Enable selection of customer as primary company contact
  • Pass the Ticket ID to the kbs_ticket_received_disable_email, kbs_ticket_reply_disable_email and kbs_ticket_close_disable_email filters
  • Log the timestamp for when a customer accepts the Terms & Conditions during ticket submission
  • A KB search field on submission form is now a search input field type
  • Email and URL values are now clickable links within the ticket form data thickbox

Bug Fixes

  • KBS_HTML_Elements was not correctly passing the company variable to the kbs_get_customers() function
  • Agents should not be able to add ticket categories


  • Introduction of the KBS_Replies_Query class
  • Added the $kbs_form and $form_id variables to the kbs_submit_form and the kbs_form_template() filters
  • Added the kbs_form_submit_label filter
  • Added the kbs_ticket_company_post_type_args filter


Saturday, 17th March 2018


  • Allow agent to choose whether or not a customer email should be generate when a ticket is closed using the Update Ticket button
  • Added Search Text option for submission form select fields using Chosen library
  • Use Chosen library for ticket select fields
  • Updated to Font Awesome 5
  • Updated to latest version of Chosen library
  • Added search placeholder to admin Chosen select fields


  • Set width of select field to match all other input fields
  • Added the search icon to the form fields table
  • Do not store the reCAPTCHA response with submission form data
  • Moved form-functions.php and class-kbs-forms.php to \includes\forms\

Bug Fixes

  • 404 error may be displayed when navigating to am article parent category


  • Added user_dropdown method to KBS_HTML_Elements class
  • Added field_types_dropdown method to KBS_HTML_Elements class


Sunday, 11th March 2018

Bug Fix

  • reCAPTCHA field was not validating successfully due to missing option


  • Added kbs_ticket_url filter
  • Added kbs_article_url filter


Friday, 23rd February 2018


  • Added kbs_add_agents_to_ticket() function
  • Added kbs_remove_agents_from_ticket() function
  • Additional filter for email headers


Monday, 19th February 2018


  • Generate customer and notification emails when a ticket is created via admin
  • Added HTML Basic email template with no formatting

Bug Fixes

  • Generating a test email was adding a large number of attachments
  • Manually adding a customer via the admin interface may generate a PHP warning notice due to expectation of company array key
  • Ensure we only count() countable items as PHP 7.2 generates a warning otherwise
  • Removed duplicate string within CSS class name for submission form fields


  • Use chosen select fields within settings pages when there are a larger number of options to select from
  • Improved CSS for chosen fields
  • Run the email attachments filter after generating message content
  • Added the kbs_options_page_section_url filter
  • New wrapper function kbs_get_email_template() to retrieve the currently selected email template


Sunday, 11th February 2018


  • Added the Attach Files setting within the Emails tab. If enabled, files will be attached to emails rather than listed as clickable links when using the {ticket_files} or {reply_files} email tags
  • Added the {reply_files} email tag to attach/insert files from the latest reply into emails


  • Changed trigger for submission form article search to keyup. String must be 3 or greater in length
  • Added $args parameter to the kbs_insert_comment() function to override default args
  • Corrected comment in email header template file
  • Updated contextual help file for settings pages

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected output from the {date} email tag
  • Corrected output from the {time} email tag
  • Validate the $form_data variable is an array


Monday, 5th February 2018

This update includes changes to a template page. If you are using a customized version of the template, you can review the changes here.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the view-ticket.php template file to correctly list file attachments
  • Fixed ticket count for customers


  • Tickets column is now sortable on the customers table
  • Forced the Tools and Extensions items to the bottom of the Tickets menu


Monday, 5th February 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed width of the checkbox for the Restricted Access option
  • Make sure the ticket ID is passed within the kbs_create_article_link filter to stop KB Integrations throwing PHP errors


  • Force article links to open in a new tab to avoid navigation away from frontend tickets page
  • Always capture the source by which a ticket is logged. Default to ‘website’


Thursday, 21st December 2017


  • Enable submission form redirections per form
  • Added option to allow customers to be able to reopen tickets by adding a reply

Bug Fixes

  • Select fields did not display the placeholder field within submission form
  • Make sure the checked param is honoured for radio fields
  • Corrected email heading for admin reply notifications
  • Don’t allow a zero array key value for select fields
  • Corrected filter name for after reply content
  • Corrected missing array key


  • Enable customer ticket reply email notification if cron is running
  • Field type select field is now searchable
  • Added various hooks and filters to contextual help


Monday, 27th November 2017

Bug Fixes

  • IMPORTANT: Support Agents unable to access admin when WooCommerce is installed


  • Added filter kbs_ticket_closed_by
  • Changed newsletter subscription button to secondary class on extensions page
  • Added compatibility for users utilizing All in One WordPress Security who had renamed the login page
  • Added admin form CSS classes


Monday, 13th November 2017

Bug Fix : Entering multiple strings into an article search chosen select field rendered no results even if the strings existed within the article title



  • Ticket replies metabox overhaul with icon notifications and action links
  • Register when a customer views an agent reply
  • Numerous new hooks and filters for the reply fields enabling developers to extend functionality
  • Private ticket notes metabox overhaul
  • Better input field alignment within ticket metaboxes
  • Added support for locally shipped translation files
  • Added required PHP version to readme.txt
  • Removed underscore from transient name

Bug Fixes

  • Select fields that allow multiple selections within settings pages needed to store values as arrays
  • Added spacing between ticket categories and tags within the tickets table
  • Only a note author, or an agent with the manage_ticket_settings capability should be able to delete a note
  • Removed duplicate CSS ID within admin CSS


Tuesday, 12th September 2017

Bug Fix

  • Agents assigned as additional agents may not receive email notifications when a customer replies to a ticket


  • Enable multiple select list argument when outputting a select field within settings API


Monday, 11th September 2017


  • Sequential ticket numbers to ensure your tickets are always sequential with no gaps in the numbers
  • Assign multiple agents to a ticket proving them with access to view and update
  • Option to send agent notifications to all assigned agents when a customer reply is received
  • Export tickets and customers to a CSV file


  • Added kbs_update_ticket_meta_key filter that fires during ticket meta updates
  • Filter the display of tickets when a category or …